Does your son dream of rock-stardom? Is your little girl intrigued by Grammy's antique suitcase? Including a prop or two in your photos can add detail, meaning and interest to your images - especially when they hold sentimental value to you or your family. Ideas include baby blankets or wraps, love letters, heirloom furniture, a vintage dress handed down, old photographs, shoes, trophies or anything that's close to your heart. ‚Äč

The imagination session doesn't have to be for children. Are you an imaginative grown-up? Or are you looking to create a fun and original session for your beloved fur-baby? Send us a message! We LOVE getting creative with our client-family. 

Our signature session. The Imagination Session is the perfect way to capture your child's personality while piquing her curiosity. We'll work with you to pick a beautiful, safe location with interesting areas to explore, then follow your wee one on his adventure. Outdoor explorations prevent mid-session fussiness by allowing your child to set the pace of the shoot. Add props or costumes to create fairytale like images.

The Imagination Session